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luminous intimacy

meet emma.

A playful and connective lover with a unique flair and down-to-earth charm.

You’ve seen glimpses of me before.

I’m the unusual girl you had a crush on in school.
The cutie spotted at a cafe, caught mid-laugh.
The woman you’ve passed by who made your heart beat faster.
An otherworldly elven character in a movie or video game.
Or the femme fatale you’ve fantasized about.

Perhaps I’m the free spirit you dream of adventuring with.
The one who loves sunshine, culture, and wanderlust just as much as you.
The comforting soul you crave when you’re lost in thought on rainy days,
daydreaming of connective intimacy.
Or an exhilarating sensual interlude to the stresses of daily life.

Whichever shapeshifting form you recognize me as, you’ve wished I could somehow enter into your life. You’ve wondered what it might be like to step into my world. Well, isn’t it a treat that we can make that happen, for real? Let’s become reacquainted. Because as it turns out, we have much more in common than you thought – and I’m absolutely yearning to meet you, sweet flame.


With warmth and love,
ꕥ Emma

At a Glance

Height  :  5′ 5”
Body Type  :  Slender with soft curves, Decorated
Measurements  :  32C – 27″ – 36″, All Natural
Age  :  30 yrs
Eyes  :  Blue
Hair Colour  :  Changes / Currently ginger
Smokes  :  No, herb-friendly
Language  :  English (fluent), French (intermediate)
Birthplace  :  Canadian Prairies
Based in  :  Toronto (available worldwide)


Favourite Things

Food  :  Sushi, French, Italian, Indian, Tex-Mex
Drinks  :  Espresso, Herbal Tea, Wine, Gin
Flowers  :  Lavender, Eucalyptus
Interests  :  Music, Art, Photography, Design, Fashion, Film, Sciences, Eroticism, Dance, Travel
Treats  :  Massage / Spa, Warm baths, Lingerie, Footwear, Vinyl records, Sweet surprises
Wishlist  :  Here
Enjoys  :  authenticity, imperfection, kindness, humour

She’s soft yet wild.
An open heart with a feral spirit.
Dirt, sun and stars layered with wind and rain.

Unabashedly living life to the beat of my own drum, I’m driven by possibility and fueled by my heart’s desire. I’m a creature of balance and you’ll soon find there are many eclectic and complementary facets to me. I have a kind and easygoing personality, but am anything but ordinary. You might discover how I match my sweetness with confident sensuality. Elegance with dorkiness. It’s fun to authentically discover the sides we bring out of each other!

I’m available for everything from some quick stress relief to a connective evening. I’m happy to share a spark in whatever way you’d like; 
A fun extended lunchbreak, playful smiles over conversation & coffee, flirting over cocktails or dinner, leading to a crescendo of highly anticipated private time and pillow talk. Spending the night together, waking up slowly and entangled. Or visiting parts of the city, and beyond. Remember when I said I’m driven by possibility? Let me know what excites, comforts you, and makes you feel alive. 

I warmly welcome people of all genders, ethnicities, body types, ability, and so on. I equally enjoy the company of both extroverts and introverts. When you’re ready, get in touch so we can start building the excitement together. I would absolutely love to leave you buzzing; in your heart, mind, and upon your skin. To unravel eachother’s layers in the best of ways, bit by bit, time and time again. 

I’m a natural-born sensualist; someone who unapologetically lives in tandem with the mind, heart, and yearnings of the
body & soul.

An adventurer of the human experience.
Connect, ignite, and set aflame;
The moment is ours for the taking.

An absolute delight to be around…

Emma – it is always a treat to see you. I don’t find it easy to get truly comfortable with someone, but you put me at ease almost instantly.

You looked just like your pics, and in fact, I would argue even better, because your personality only enhances your striking beauty. Your voice, smile, and touch are electric, and your curves are perfect.

I look forward to seeing you again and appreciate how easy it is to get ahold of you. Thanks again for everything, will see you soon!

- T

posted by @wtfted on PrivateDelights

Peaceful yet passionate

Emma is extremely easy to talk to and her presence instills a sense of calm. It’s no one thing about her, but a combination – her demeanor, her voice, and the space itself all serve to put you at ease.

And when her website describes sessions as “free-flowing and natural,” it’s true. It was the greatest feeling to experience genuine conversation, get to know each other at a deeper level, and allow passion to develop naturally. I was able to relax more in her presence than I ever have, and at one point I was so overwhelmed with positive emotions I think I shed a tear.

From start to finish, it was one of the most peaceful yet passionate experiences I’ve had! She describes herself as sweet + spice for good reason. If you are on the fence about seeing Emma – do yourself the favor and do so.

- J

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Beautiful and Caring!

My partner gifted me a session with Emma for Christmas, and right from the start they were very warm and professional and made me feel super comfortable. When I arrived at their space (which was absolutely gorgeous), they greeted me with a big hug, beautiful smile and awesome conversation. Emma made my awkward shyness at the start totally melt away. This session was a first for me in a few different ways and Emma made me feel completely safe and comfortable to explore. I cannot recommend Emma enough and will definitely be booking another session!

- M

posted by @maddvhare on PrivateDelights

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