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and sensual massage


and sensual massage

meet emma.

Otherworldly Beauty,
Down-to-Earth Personality.


Have I caught you daydreaming?

I wonder if yearning for connection and excitement is what brought you to me; The yearning to let go and be accepted as you are, explore sensory experiences without pressure or judgement, and feel invigorated stepping outside of this thing we call the ordinary.

Consider me your companion, muse, sensual respite, or a firery new adventure.

I’m uniquely me. Vibrant, self-possessed, authentic, and inviting. My otherworldly features are balanced with my down-to-earth personality, true to my easygoing prairie roots. I have a warm smile and soft voice, coupled with an ultra-sensual nature that, in combination, will undoubtedly make for an experience you’ll remember with a full heart and a cheeky smile.

Often described as a ‘gem of a person’ by those who find themselves close to me, I can’t wait to shake up your world in just the way you need.

At a Glance

Age : early 30’s
:  5′ 5”
Eyes :  Blue
Hair :  Blonde, shoulder-length
Language :  English (fluent), French (intermediate)
Based in
: Toronto, Canada (travel available)
Birthplace : Canadian Prairies
Interests : Music, Art, Photography, Design, Film, Fashion, Community, Science


Favorite Things

relaxed mornings and fresh espresso
hot baths with pink salt and cedar oil
live music, careless dancing
food + cocktails
walks, swimming, nature
anticipation, kissing, sensuality, fetish
contemplating the universe
late night conversation about ─ anything
imperfection, kindness, humour

wishlist: here

I’m your art school crush.
The sweetheart who brightens up a room.
The woman you’ve passed by who made your heart beat faster.
An otherwordly character in a movie or video game.
Or the femme fatale you fantasize about.

Perhaps I’m the free spirit you want to adventure with.
The one who loves spontaniety, culture, and wanderlust just as much as you.
The comforting soul you crave when you’re lost in thought on rainy days, daydreaming of connective intimacy.
Or an exhilarating sensual interlude to the stresses of daily life.

Whichever shapeshifting form you recognize me as, you’ve wished I could somehow enter into your life. You’ve wondered what it might be like to step into my world. Well, isn’t it a treat we can make it happen for real? Let’s become reacquainted. Because as it turns out, we have much more in common than you thought ─ and I’m absolutely yearning to meet you, sweet flame.


With love,

She’s soft yet wild.
An open heart with a feral spirit.
Dirt, sun and stars layered with
wind and rain.

Unabashedly living life to the beat of my own drum, I’m driven by possibility and my heart’s desire. I’m a creature of balance and you’ll soon find there are many eclectic and complementary facets to me. What I enjoy most is exploring the sides we naturally bring out of each other.

I’m available for everything from some quick stress relief to a connective evening. I’m happy to share a spark in whatever way you’d like; a fun extended lunchbreak, playful smiles over conversation & coffee, flirting over cocktails or dinner, leading to a crescendo of highly anticipated private time and pillow talk. Spending the night together, waking up slowly and entangled. Or visiting parts of the city, and beyond. Remember when I said I’m driven by possibility? Let me know what excites, comforts you, and makes you feel alive. Whatever we do, our time together will be nothing less than rejuvenating and memorable…

An adventurer of the human experience.
Connect, Ignite, and set aflame;
The moment is ours for the taking.

Come as you are, let go of pressure, and freely be yourself… or float away in an indulgent fantasy with me.


I believe yearnings are a completely natural part of being a passionate human being, and that affection and connection shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to worthwhile pursuits.

It would be my pleasure to help you explore what you yearn for, and to bring daydreams to life in a way that feels great.


I enjoy the company of both extroverts and introverts, and the ease of connecting at whatever pace feels best in the moment. I’m also very good at taking the lead! I welcome clients of all backgrounds regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, legal age, body type, religion, or ability.

To New Experiences


companion-style dates

$750 // 1 HOUR  a quick one
$850 // 1.5 HOURS  a little longer
$1100 // 2 HOURS  fully break the ice
$1300 // 3 HOURS  deliciously unrushed

In-date extensions are $500 per additional hour.

$1500 // 4HR LUNCH | DINNER
$3500 // 14HR OVERNIGHT
$4500 // 24 HOURS
$7500 // WEEKEND

Inquire for longer engagements and travel.


$400 // 1.5 HOURS  minimum booking
$500 // 2 HOURS   unrushed anticipation
$700 // 3 HOURS   complete bliss
$900 // 4HR LUNCH   dine out/room service


Same rates as companionship. See above.

Which session to choose?

Each session is unique, personalized-to-you, and can contain a bespoke blend of massage, companionship, and/or kink+fetish, depending on which package you choose and our mutual interests.

A Companion Session is a classic tryst that is akin to a really exciting date.

A Sensual Massage is a great introductory session for those who are curious about meeting me and are comfortable going with the flow, knowing they’ll have relaxed and released tension by the end of our time together.

A Premium Massage is my most intimate massage session, perfect for those interested in experiencing a blend of companionship along with a sensual massage.


I host at a discreet, private incall in downtown Toronto. Outcall is available to +4-star hotels, downtown or near airport. Accepted at my discretion and subject to a travel fee.


Fly me to you! A minimum booking rate will apply + travel expenses. Inquire for rates and destinations.

Fetish & Kink:

I am fetish and kink friendly (me as Top/Dominant) when discussed and agreed upon beforehand. View my Kink page, where you will find more information and a kink-specific Booking Form.

Virtual Connections:

Texting, videochat, and digital content are available; visit the FAQ or contact me for details.

Whether it’s a blissful escapade over a couple hours or a deeper connection that builds over longer encounters, every experience brings something of value into our lives.

” She played with all my senses and the buildup was incredible, as it was slow and sensual and had me enticed the entire time. “

– TMLfan @PrivateDelights

” Emma is extremely easy to talk to and her presence instills a sense of calm. It’s no one thing about her, but a combination – her demeanor, her voice, and the space itself all serve to put you at ease. “

– Euphoria123 @PrivateDelights

” I can’t stop thinking about what a wonderful time I had! I have never met someone as naturally sensual and intuitive as you seem to be. You are truly who I was looking for. I followed the screening procedure and had no issues with the required deposit. Once everything was cleared, Emma coordinated a stellar encounter through a few emails. “

– PackNPlay @PrivateDelights

” My time with Emma was wonderful in every sense; she is stunningly beautiful, possessing the most alluring eyes you will ever encounter and she has such a cool personality. She left me with the serotonin boost that I deeply needed. If you are in a position to meet her I highly recommend doing so. “

– CityPretty @PrivateDelights

What is a session with you like?

In a nutshell, you can expect time with me to be comfortable, engaging, playful, and sensual. An encounter that will linger in your heart, mind, and body – leaving us with lasting memories, a burning fascination, and a cheeky smile until we meet again.

Every connection is unique and how each date goes is up to us! My favorite dates are ones that are approached with an open mind, a great attitude, and a desire to enjoy discovering the sides we naturally bring out of each other. I would love to hear about what’s pulling you towards meeting me and have that set the tone.

You may have noticed that while I have an alternative flair, my look is strikingly versatile. I don’t answer the door in lingerie. Instead, I wear something charming and reveal what’s underneath later.

If you’re visiting from out of town or looking for someone to take care of all the details, I’m happy to make recommendations or plan a dream date for us.

How do I know you're real / reputable?

Fair question. I understand you want to ensure safety, accuracy, and enjoyment, so let me help put you at ease with some quick verification information.

The websites where you will find me require identity verification, including ID and photo verification, at the following sites: Onlyfans, Manyvids, Slixa, and Tryst. I am active on all these platforms. All of these websites have my same contact information, links, and website listed, which you can cross-reference if you like.

I’ve invested a lot into building my networks and reputation in the industry. I have worked with verifiable, professional photographers and fellow colleagues in-person, who are tagged and linked throughout my social media. Feel free to take a look at my Twitter and Instagram to get a sense of my presence within the broader community.

You can also find various user-submitted testimonials here on PrivateDelights.

Discretion and Privacy

Mutual respect, privacy, and discretion are essential.

Please be respectful when contacting me. Your inquiry will not be responded to if you are inappropriately lewd with your language, requesting a menu, or trying to negotiate my rate.

I correspond with clients on a secure encrypted server. While not necessary, if privacy & discretion are also your priority, I recommend you email me from an encrypted Protonmail email address. It should take under 2 minutes to sign up for a free account, and this ensures end-to-end encryption. I protect my clients information as if it were my own.

You will receive an appointment reminder via your preferred contact method the day before our appointment. Your communication preferences can be selected within my booking form. I am able to offer multiple methods for you to send me your deposit based on your discretion needs. Additionally, if you are a notable figure, I am happy to sign an NDA if you provide it.

If you visit me, my incall is very relaxed and non-descript. If I visit you, I will dress respectfully and suitable to the setting until we are behind closed doors.

Screening, Deposits, Cancellations

I protect my time, earnings, and safety by using deposits and various methods of screening, at my discretion. This allows me to commit fully to my sessions in advance, knowing that they are firmly fixed in both our schedules and that our date will be going ahead.

All new clients must be identity-verified. Methods I accept are government-issued photo ID, phone number/email, and workplace verification. My Booking Form outlines the requirements and assets. I correspond with clients on a secure encrypted server and any information is only viewed by me, only temporarily kept, then promptly deleted following our successful session.

All dates require a minimum deposit of 20% to secure our appointment, which is then deducted from the session total. Deposits are preferably accepted through electronic transfer or a gift card of my choice, through a discreet email address. Please note that I incur expenses and decline other commitments when I book a session with you, therefore all deposits are not refundable. The exception being in the unlikely event I were to need to cancel on you, where the deposit can be returned or transfered to a rescheduled session.

I understand things come up. Should you need to cancel, please try to do so with a minimum of 48 hours notice whenever possible, calculated from regular waking hours.

The result of cancelling depends on the amount of notice given. Results range from putting your deposit towards our next meeting, requiring a new deposit to rebook, or requiring a cancellation fee equal to or less than the session total in order to remain in good standing.

Late Arrivals
Please try your best to arrive on time. This includes being early or late. It will be fine if you’re fashionably late – just be aware that our session will not be extended beyond our booked time as a result, unless a further donation is negotiated. Please plan accordingly and let me know as soon as possible if there are delays. A phone number will be provided to you to text when you’re nearby or running late. If excessive lateness results in not being able to accomodate you, my full rate will still be required.

Thank you for understanding.

How should I get in touch?

In order for us to have the most seamless, steamy in-person connection possible, I like to know a bit about you before we meet. My Booking Form is a great template to get started! It is designed to give me the kind of introductory information I need to ensure we are compatible and can have the best experience together. Consider it your first impression.

If you’d rather not fill out my Booking Form, simply email the same required information to

Please try to book in advance to avoid disapointment. This allows time for screening, booking, and preparation. If we have already met before or you have been recently pre-screened, I am available for spontaneous dates when my schedule allows.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

About clients, couples, duos

Who are my clients?
I see people of varying ages, backgrounds and identities, looking to broaden their sensual and emotional horizons. I’m happy to see kind and respectful people of any legal age, sex, gender, background, body type or ability. Please let me know if you require anything in particular to make your appointment accessible and comfortable.

Please note I am low-volume therefore only see a limited amount of clients. If I feel we are not a good fit or that I cannot provide what you are looking for, I may decline the invitation to meet. I will refuse to see you if you are vulgar, rude, or otherwise cross boundaries – I can also immediately end a session without refund if this happens in-person. In order to be my client you must be consistently kind and respectful.

I enthusiastically enjoy the company of all genders and identities.
For many couples, bringing a third person to join you privately can be an exciting experience that indulges your fantasies and creates lasting memories. Through correspondence we can establish what you are looking for, your comfort level, and about your relationship. I like to correspond with both parties so that everyone is able to have the most pleasurable experience possible. Add +50% of my rate for second person. Screening is required for both people.

My Friends
I have a select handful of friends who I have shared chemistry with and would be happy to join us. Consideration is my time + theirs, unless discussed otherwise. Inquire during booking.

Health and Safety
Consent and mutual respect are absolutely necessary during our time together.

I am health-conscious and believe our collective health is paramount. I am active in keeping up good health and I encourage all of my friends to seek regular check-ups as well. I will not put you at risk and I expect the same courtesy.

Please do not reserve time with me if you have cold symptoms, a skin condition, or any other illness that could be passed along. Cancellation options can be discussed if this is the case. Awareness and mutual responsibility in harm reduction practices will minimize risk and contribute to the greater good. Conscious, courteous, and consensual connections – always.

My incall is kept clean and commonly touched surfaces are disinfected regularly. I require hand sanitzing and a shower upon arrival. Face masks aren’t required in session, however please let me know if you would like me to wear one (or any other precaution) and I would be happy to do that.

About kink and fetish

I provide a judgement-free, consensual, and risk-informed dynamic to explore and engage in fetish and kink (me as Top/Dominant). I am open minded, experienced, and consider many fetishes, kinks, power exchanges, and roleplay.

Kink and Fetish can be enjoyed as the focus of our session, or it can be combined with varying amounts of companionship. Depending on what you’re interested in, an added fee may apply. View my Kink page for all the details before inquiring, and complete my specific Kink Booking Form at the bottom of the kink page when you’re ready to reach out.

Before our Date

My rate should be prepared beforehand, in an unsealed envelope if possible.

I ask that you bring minimal belongings into the incall. All hygenic and sensual materials are provided. Come prepared with trimmed fingernails and good hygiene. Body hair is perfectly welcome. A shower, toiletries, and mouthwash are available for your use at the incall. I am scent-sensitive, therefore strongly scented colognes or deodorants should be avoided or used sparingly. Please let me know if you have any allergies or sensitivities to scents, pets, food, or drink.

Feeling nervous
That feeling is completely normal and likely to fade after we break the ice. Please find reassurance in knowing that I’d like you to come as you are and be your authentic self. I aim to foster dynamics that are compassionate, judgement-free, and emotionally freeing. If you’re feeling any particular way before/during/after a session, please let me know as it can be helpful for me to know these things. Do try to arrive with an open mind and be optimistic to a new experience. This is your time to unwind.

Gifts and Tips
Neither are required or expected, though they are always appreciated, so I have put together a list to help with ideas. You can find it here! You’re welcome to bring treats or drinks to our date; I simply ask that they are previously unopened and sealed if you wish to offer it to me.

Can I bring anything else with me?
I ask that you do not bring any illegal substances into any space I share with you. I do not see clients who are intoxicated or who become intoxicated in-session, or who possess illegal substances in my presence. Although I do not judge those who partake in using illegal substances, I cannot accept the risk that you inevitably cause me when you do this in my presence. Thank you.

During Our Date

We’ll be in touch through text shortly before arriving, just ping me when you’re here and I’ll welcome you in, or vice-versa!

After we exchange friendly introductions and get you so fresh and so clean in the washroom – I’ll offer you a refreshment and an opportunity to get cozy with me.

The envelope: Before you go to freshen up, please remember to place my rate on a table or nearby surface in my clear view. Please do not disrupt the mood by mentioning it outloud or requiring me to ask. I’ll tend to it while you’re washing up. If meeting in public, I ask that you present it to me in a gift bag or card within 5 minutes of meeting.

Freshening up: Wash your hands well, with soap, being sure to clean under your trimmed fingernails. Keep soap on your hands for atleast 20 seconds before rinsing. Use the mouthwash provided to freshen breath if needed. Do not floss.

Showering: Showering upon arrival is mandatory and toiletries are provided. Arrive with clean hair or wash your hair while showering. Afterwards, please leave your clothing and all belongings in the washroom. Simply come out in the provided towel or robe to join me!

After Our Date

I love hearing about your post-session afterglow – and keeping it at that until our next date. Feel free to send me private words of appreciation after our visit! Just keep messages between dates discreet and manageable in quantity. If you’d like to keep in touch more regularly, do inquire about my texting services, fanclub subscription, or virtual companionship.

Review Policy
You can find a handful of published reviews, here. I am no longer accepting new reviews. I do not want our private time discussed in public or private forums unless given prior permission. I am private about our time together and expect the same in return. If you enjoyed our time together, I would be happy for you to let me know privately.

I am reference-friendly. If we’ve met a couple times within the last year, I am happy to provide an honest reference for you if another provider requires one. Just ask me and give me a heads up beforehand.

Virtual Companionship & Digital Content

The digital and virtual realms are fun and accessible! Just be mindful it’s based in fantasy and not necessarily a reflection of what my in-person companionship is like. Thanks.

Digital Content
  • Join my fanclub for immediate access to hundreds of photos and clips, here.
  • Find my full-length videos, photosets, personal items, and merch here.
  • Fetish and Kink content can be found here.
  • Email me to inquire for custom videos/photos/audio clips.

Texting services include friendly and/or intimate chatting.

per message $1.50 Text me instantly via my sextpanther profile
* 30 min $70 Text real-time with me
* Full Day $50 Sporadic messaging throughout your day
* 3 Day $120 Chat with me over multiple days
* Week $240 Let’s stay connected all week

* Items marked with an asterisk indicate the session must be pre-booked. Book your session through email or via my Booking Form.


Live Videochat // Virtual Date

A Social Flirt
A friendly videochat session.
Let’s chat and get to know eachother, along with some fun flirtations.

30 min $150
1 hr $200

Sensual / Intimate
An intimate videochat session.
For those who crave a deliciously arousing experience.
Screening is required.

30 min $280
1 hr $350

Friendly or Intimate one-on-one sessions.
A mix of live messaging and live video snaps.

30 min Social Session $90
30 min Sensual Session $140

Prefer to be a voyeur?
My Snapchat Story includes friendly and intimate content.

12 month Story Access $75

Ready to book your chosen activity?
Book by emailing or via my Booking Form.

Interested in something not listed here? Simply get in touch and let me know what you’d like. Fill out my Booking Form or email your inquiry to

Rates are listed for my time. All patronage, donations, tips, and/or gifts are as gratitude for my time only. Any other events that may or may not take place are a matter of personal choice between consenting adults of legal age, and is not to be contracted, compensated, or bartered in any way.

Get in touch

Ready? Let’s make it happen.

In order for us to have the most seamless, steamy in-person connection possible, I like to know about you before we meet. My booking form is designed to give me the type of introduction and mutual trust I need to ensure we can have the best experience together.

Since both your time and mine is valuable, please be sure to include complete screening information. This is your chance to make a first impression! All of your details will be handled with utmost discretion.

I recommend you take a look at my FAQ beforehand if you’re unsure about appropriate etiquette. Inappropriate inquiries will not be responded to.

Talk soon!


Booking Form

Please fill out as many fields as possible. Your privacy will be respected. 

If forms aren’t your thing, say hello at with complete screening information, desired date, and time.

An absolute delight to be around…

Emma – it is always a treat to see you. I don’t find it easy to get truly comfortable with someone, but you put me at ease almost instantly.

You looked just like your pics, and in fact, I would argue even better, because your personality only enhances your striking beauty. Your voice, smile, and touch are electric, and your curves are perfect.

I look forward to seeing you again and appreciate how easy it is to get ahold of you. Thanks again for everything, will see you soon!

- T

posted by @wtfted on PrivateDelights

Peaceful yet passionate

Emma is extremely easy to talk to and her presence instills a sense of calm. It’s no one thing about her, but a combination – her demeanor, her voice, and the space itself all serve to put you at ease.

And when her website describes sessions as “free-flowing and natural,” it’s true. It was the greatest feeling to experience genuine conversation, get to know each other at a deeper level, and allow passion to develop naturally.

From start to finish, it was one of the most peaceful yet passionate experiences I’ve had! She describes herself as sweet + spice for good reason. If you are on the fence about seeing Emma – do yourself the favor and do so.

- J

posted by @euphoria123 on PrivateDelights

Beautiful and Caring!

My partner gifted me a session with Emma for Christmas, and right from the start they were very warm and professional and made me feel super comfortable. When I arrived at their space (which was absolutely gorgeous), they greeted me with a big hug, beautiful smile and awesome conversation. Emma made my awkward shyness at the start totally melt away. This session was a first for me in a few different ways and Emma made me feel completely safe and comfortable to explore. I cannot recommend Emma enough!

- M

posted by @maddvhare on PrivateDelights

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